SIEM - Secure Information and Event Management

GDPR regulations are coming. Are you sure your network is well protected against hackers and insider threats?

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Emerging technologies, the explosion of cyber threats, the cloud are among the factors that lead companies to rely on comprehensive tools. Add to that the obligation to conform with standards (GDPR, ISO27001 / IEC 27034, ...) and SIEM tools have become an essential security brick in your data protection arsenal.

The underlying principle of every SIEM system is to aggregate relevant data from multiple sources, identify deviations from the norm and take appropriate action. For example, when a potential issue is detected, a SIEM might log additional information, generate an alert and instruct other security controls to stop an activity’s progress.

Depending on the needs, size and budget of your company, we propose several solutions. We advise on on-premise and cloud implementations.

Perhaps you already own a SIEM tool, but are not satisfied since the cost of storage and management and configuration can be significan. IDSA has strategies to help you improve, reduce costs, simplify and maintain your SIEM solution to satisfy company security policies and reduce risks to your business.

  • Collect and Manage Log Data
    Log management is about more than collecting and storing logs. You need to understand what the data means and analyze it for network protection and compliance

  • Detect Threats
    Spot dangerous user-based threats quickly. Users innocently and sometimes maliciously expose your critical data to outsiders.

  • Respond Effectively
    Shutdown access automatically and alert IT staff, business stakeholders, and end users via email or mobile text messages, providing them with actionable information to stop menaces to your system.

  • Use Advanced Intelligence against Evolving Threats
    Identify emerging threats and anomalies on your network. Using threat intelligence databases, proactively identify unauthorized access to your data.

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