Firewall and Intrusion Detection Management

We watch your firewall and keep intruders from entering your network and accessing your important data.

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Even small and medium organizations are targeted by today’s cybercriminals. Using state of the art threat management tools, we work to protect access to your resources through the following activities.

Threat Detection and Protection
  • We monitor your internet connection to identify intrusion attempts.
    (Must have an IPS solution)
  • We detect and block network traffic attempting to contact command and control servers.
  • We identify infected hosts on the network and contain their network activity.

Network Firewall Management
  • We monitor your firewalls and VPN appliances for up/down status, CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk space utilization, interface availability, and fail-over status.
  • We manage the configuration and make changes that you request to implement services for your organization.
  • We recommend best security practices to protect your organization.
  • We review the configuration with you once per year to make sure the policies in place are a good fit for your organization.

Release Management
  • We maintain your firewall to the release that best serves you.
  • We review and test routine updates from manufacturers and implement only updates that add beneficial functionality or resolve specific "bugs".
  • We immediately attend to security updates after your authorization to proceed outside of a normal change review cycle.

Multi-factor Authentication Services
  • We advise you and help implement strong password policies.
  • We help you implement SSO.
  • We help you strengthen security through multi-factor authentication.

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Quadra Commodities
"Responsive, friendly, concerned, competent, qualified, discrete, determined are some adjectives that come to mind when asked to describe our IT consultants at ID Integrated Data SA."

Kai Ingwersen
CIO, Quadra Commodities, Geneva

"IDSA's pro-active advice and capability to deliver complex solutions with proven technologies is helping us to deliver the best performance to users and support our growth. Each project is delivered on time and within budget."

Nicolas Dalleinne
IT Manager, SkySoft-ATM, Geneva, Switzerland