Identity and Access Management

We manage your identity management system to help you maintain secure access and compliance across all systems, whether on premise or in the cloud.

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Your users demand immediate access to information and resources in the enterprise and in the cloud. They don't care about security, compliance, or the complexities of secure access management.

They rely on the identity and password synchronization system to access their applications and this is critical to your business.

Proactive monitoring and control
  • We monitor the status of your Identity Management system and take the proper corrective actions when a connector fails or stops.
  • We monitor the level of event errors and success in the connector trace files and identify any potential or active problem.
  • We monitor the status of your critical services like "Password Self Service Portal" or "Enterprise (LDAP) directory" and make sure they are up and running.

Comprehensive reporting and auditing
  • We provide you monthly global reports on Identity Manager driver activity.
  • On request we can retrieve details about specific objects and provide audit reports on which attributes have changed and by whom.

System software maintenance and compliance
  • We check patch availability and inform you of critical requirements for your environment.
  • We apply and deploy critical updates and patches for your environment.
  • We check your license compliance every three months and make recommendations for your license purchases.
  • We check your backup procedures and make recommendations for safeguarding your system.

System customizations and corrections
  • We make all customizations and corrections for minor improvements like new attributes to synchronize, changes to notification emails, event blocking and attribute reformatting.
  • We investigate user synchronization and take corrective actions when a driver association is corrupted or cannot be properly established.

Monitoring, Auditing and Reporting
  • We check patch availability and inform you of critical requirements for your environment.
  • Retrieve information about when identity attributes were changed and by whom.
  • Provide a clear historical record of all changes to the attributes of the system.

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Quadra Commodities
"Responsive, friendly, concerned, competent, qualified, discrete, determined are some adjectives that come to mind when asked to describe our IT consultants at ID Integrated Data SA."

Kai Ingwersen
CIO, Quadra Commodities, Geneva

"IDSA's pro-active advice and capability to deliver complex solutions with proven technologies is helping us to deliver the best performance to users and support our growth. Each project is delivered on time and within budget."

Nicolas Dalleinne
IT Manager, SkySoft-ATM, Geneva, Switzerland