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We help you reduce software licensing costs while keeping users happy and productive.

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Virtualization, cloud, BYOD and SaaS are changing the way the software industry views licensing and expanding your software purchasing options and opportunities. This is an essential part of your IT strategy since as much as 30 percent of your organization’s software portfolio is evaluated, upgraded or replaced each year.

Popular software licensing models include:
  • User license – based on named users or number of users
  • Server license – per server license that may be based on server “power” 
  • Subscriptions – “rental” of software for a specified period of time; includes hosted SaaS applications
  • Usage-based – licensing fees are based on actual software use 
  • Open source – free software (but not necessarily free support and/or services)

We can help you optimize software license procurement in the following ways:
  • Analyze your usage patterns – Optimize your spending by matching software selection, volume and licensing models to your organization’s unique usage patterns.
  • Get creative – Understand hybrid and customize licensing solutions offered by vendors.
  • Expand strategically – Choose the models which give you the most flexibility and predictability.
  • Stay compliant – Compliance management is an important part of your software strategy.

We help you document your licencing strategy and reduce risk.

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Our clients say


"IDSA clearly answered our questions concerning different licensing programs for Windows and SUSE server operating systems as well as for Microsoft Office365. Thanks to their advice we were able to adjust our software licenses to match our needs, while at the same time optimizing and consolidating our licence purchases."

F. Grundmann
IT and SAP Support, Safram SA, Satigny

Hospice général
"IDSA is one of those rare companies where members of their technical team are truly invested in making their clients projects successful. Prevention, problem tracking, rapid intervention, global analysis of problems and their solutions are the qualities that we can consistently rely on during each intervention."

Franck Bonnet
Systems Engineer, Hospice général, Geneva, Switzerland