Network and Service Monitoring

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Our managed network and service monitoring provides the following benefits.

Comprehensive Remote Monitoring
  • 24h monitoring of applications, services, and servers
  • Ability to monitor in-house and custom applications, services, and systems

  • You can always have detailed status information available through web interface

  • Fast detection of infrastructure outages
  • Escalation capabilities ensure alert notifications reach the right people who will fix the problem

Problem Remediation
  • Alert acknowledgments provide communication on known issues and problem response
  • Event handlers allow automatic restart of failed applications and services

Proactive Planning
  • Trending and capacity planning service ensures you're aware of aging infrastructure
  • Scheduled downtime allows for alert suppression during infrastructure upgrades

  • Availability reports ensure SLAs are being met
  • Historical reports provide record of alerts, notifications, outages, and alert response

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What others say

Quadra Commodities
"Responsive, friendly, concerned, competent, qualified, discrete, determined are some adjectives that come to mind when asked to describe our IT consultants at ID Integrated Data SA."

Kai Ingwersen
CIO, Quadra Commodities, Geneva

"IDSA's pro-active advice and capability to deliver complex solutions with proven technologies is helping us to deliver the best performance to users and support our growth. Each project is delivered on time and within budget."

Nicolas Dalleinne
IT Manager, SkySoft-ATM, Geneva, Switzerland