Mobile Device Management

Seamlessly manage both enterprise-owned and personal (BYOD) devices.

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You are responsible for your organization's sensitive data—even when it's on a personally-owned device. With as much as 70 percent of your company's intellectual property flowing through email alone, you need a way to secure what users do with free-range devices

Protect your business whether or not you own all the mobile devices in your fleet:
  • For corporate-owned devices, MDM allows IT to control that device absolutely. You can provision a standard set of apps and set access and usage rules for mobile devices that are just as strict as what you enforce for any other corporate device.
  • For BYOD devices, give users the option to download the MDM agent. They accept whatever use policies IT has defined, which means they accept the IT control those policies allow.
  • Prevent BYOD misuse. If users refuse to sign on to the program, block their access to corporate resources. Yes, that level of control can diminish productivity for that user. But users who refuse to participate put your company at risk—and BYOD productivity gains are just not significant enough to risk a security breach or a compliance nightmare.

Depending on your requirements, we will propose the best MDM solution to meet your needs.

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