Is your Microsoft Teams data secure ? 9 questions to help you take action

Your organization may need you to implement strict controls on how teams are named and classified, whether guests can be added as team members, and who can create teams.

Here are the top 9 questions to ask yourself about how to manage Microsoft Teams for your organization.

  • Does your organization require a specific naming convention for teams?
  • Do team creators need the ability to assign organization-specific classifications to teams?
  • Do you need to restrict the ability to add guests to teams on a per-team basis?
  • Does your organization require limiting who can create teams?    
  • Does your organization require specifying an expiration date for teams?
  • Does your organization require specific data retention policies be applied to teams?
  • Does your organization expect to require the ability to archive inactive teams to preserve the content in a read-only state?
  • Does your organization require limiting Teams features for your entire tenant?
  • Does your organization require limiting Teams features for specific users?
We can help you determine your needs for managing and governing Teams to keep your data secure.
Let our team of IT infrastructure and data protection experts help you take the first steps to comply with data protection requirements that apply to your organization. We have long-time expertise, methodologies and practical tools to provide a simple and effective solution to your cloud and on-premise backup requirements. We can check to see if you are compliant with your insurer's requirements for data security. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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