suse-training-logoWhy train in Linux?
  • Linux is everywhere
  • There is an ever growing community of contributors to the Linux Kernel
  • Most major universities and technical schools have incorporated Linux training in their coursework

Why train with IDSA?
  • Our instructors are certified specialists in Linux training with real world experience.
  • IDSA is SUSE Platinum Training Partner
  • IDSA is SUSE Practicum Testing Center
  • IDSA is PearsonVUE Authorised Test Centre

Why certify in Linux?
  • Get recognized as an Expert in your profession
  • Boost your earning potential
  • Show employers your expertise

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a highly reliable, interoperable and manageable server operating system that enables firms to cost-effectively and securely deliver mission critical services.


Why train with IDSA?

  • Our instructors are certified specialists in Microsoft training with real world experience.
  • IDSA is an Authorised Prometric Testing Center

Why certify in Microsoft?
  • Get recognized as an Expert in your profession
  • Boost your earning potential
  • Show employers your expertise

EC council SecurityTraining
Since its inauguration in 2003, the Certified Ethical Hacker has been the preferred choice of IT professionals.  It is a respected security certification in the IT industry and is listed as a baseline certification in the United States Department of Defense Directive 8570. The C|EH exam is also ANSI 17024 compliant adding credibility and value to certified professionals who become accredited.
The EC Council's Security Certifications are used as a global hiring standard and are recognized by many of the Fortune 500 organizations, governments, and important cybersecurity practices. It is also a requirement in many prominent degree programs in top Universities around the globe.

With this unique eLearning training, learn at your own speed and master the security of your network to keep it safe from hackers. Each course comes complete with video training, lab exercises for training and a coupon to take the corresponding certification exam. All courses are given in English.

1. CEH - Certified Ethical Hacking (elearning)  - CORE LEVEL

This course provides you with the tools and techniques used by hackers and information security professionals alike to break into any computer system. This course will immerse you into a “Hacker Mindset” in order to teach you how to think like a hacker and better defend against future attacks. It puts you in the driver’s seat with a hands-on training environment employing a systematic ethical hacking process. You are constantly exposed to creative techniques of achieving optimal information security posture in the target organization; by hacking it! You will learn how to scan, test, hack and secure target systems. The course covers the Five Phases of Ethical Hacking, diving into Reconnaissance, Gaining Access, Enumeration, Maintaining Access, and covering your tracks.

2. ECSA - Certified Security Analyst (elearning) - ADVANCED LEVEL

Learn to be a professional PEN tester. The ECSA pen test program takes the tools and techniques you learned in the Certified Ethical Hacker course (CEH) and elevates your ability into full exploitation by teaching you how to apply the skills learned in the CEH by utilizing EC-Council’s published penetration testing methodology. This course focuses on pen testing methodology with an emphasis on hands-on experience. With ECSA certification you can demonstrate the skills necessary to be a master pen tester.

3. LPT - Certified Security Analyst (elearning) - MASTER LEVEL

To earn the prestigious EC-Council LPT (Master) Credential, you must successfully pass the toughest practical exam available. The LPT (Master) practical exam is the capstone to EC-Council’s entire information security track; beginning with the Certified Ethical Hacker Program (CEH) and continuing with the  EC Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) Program. It all culminates with the ultimate test of your career as a penetration tester – the Licensed Penetration Tester practical exam.

You will need to demonstrate a mastery of the skills required to conduct a full blackbox penetration test of a network provided to you by EC-Council on our cyber range. You will follow the entire process presented in the CEH and ECSA courses, taking you from reconnaissance, through scanning, enumeration, gaining access, maintaining access, and finally exploiting vulnerabilities.


Build Knowledge and Expertise

Learn VMware technologies that make your business more agile, efficient and profitable!


Identity & Access Management: The foundation for your secure enterprise. Intelligent, cloud ready and secure.

Why train in IDM?
Identity Manager delivers a complete, yet affordable solution to build an intelligent identity management framework to service your enterprise—both inside the firewall and into the cloud. It enables you to secure your environment and meet compliance demands.
  • Automated provisioning for easier administration
    Identity Manager centralizes access administration and ensures every user has one identity—from your physical and virtual networks to the cloud.

  • Lightning-fast administration for greater agility
    Identity Manager adapts to changing business needs, ensuring business continuity and improving user productivity enterprise-wide.

  • Save money on software and hardware
    Identity Manager simplifies identity management, is easy to deploy in heterogeneous IT environments and interoperates with your existing applications and hardware, saving IT from costly, repetitive tasks.

  • Comprehensive support for security and compliance
    Identity Manager enforces consistent access controls across physical, virtual and cloud networks. Our detailed, dynamic reports let you prove it.

Endpoint management, user support, and Windows 7 migration that's easy on IT

Why train in ZCM?
  • Automate and accelerate your Windows 7 migration
    Microsoft estimates that it can take more than 20 hours to migrate a single machine to Windows 7. Novell ZENworks Configuration Management is ready to dramatically accelerate and automate every aspect of your Windows 7 migration efforts.

  • Boost user productivity
    Use Novell ZENworks Configuration Management to make sure users always have access to the resources they need regardless of where they work or what devices they use.

  • Eliminate IT effort
    Automatically enforce policies and dynamically manage resources with identity-based management of users as well as devices.

  • Expand your freedom to choose
    Manage the lifecycles of all your current and future assets, with full support for Windows and Linux systems, Novell eDirectory™, Active Directory, and more.

  • Simplify deployment with virtual appliances
    Slash deployment times with a convenient virtual appliance deployment option.

  • Enjoy a truly unified solution
    Centralize the management of all your devices into a single, unified and easy-to-use web-based ZENworks console—called ZENworks Control Center.

To discover how to secure and manage your mobile devices such as iOS, Android, Symbian et BlackBerry !

Why train in ZCM?
Mobile device management that's secure, scalable, and covers BYOD devices.
  • Manage both enterprise-owned and personal (BYOD) devices
    Do you have a mix of enterprise-owned and personally-owned (BYOD) devices in your organization? Don't worry—with ZENworks® you can effectively manage both.

  • Protect your business with mobile device security
    Make sure your mobile devices adhere to your corporate security policies and give you the control you need to protect your data.

  • Scale quickly to meet growing needs
    Secure and manage almost any mobile device in your organization, without adding IT overhead.

  • Get practical mobile asset management
    Chances are mobile devices—and the applications they depend upon—are rapidly growing in your organization. Perhaps too rapidly. Do you know how many licenses you're using? Are you sure?

  • Support a broad range of mobile platforms
    If the point is boosting productivity by giving users their favorite mobile device to work on, be sure you choose a mobile management solution that can manage the broadest range of devices.

How to use AdminStudio’s test and validation tools to enhance package quality before deployment.

Absolutely necessary to monitor your network, servers, and devices of all kinds so that you always know what is happening and you have peace of mind.

Customized training

This service has been developed in order to stress the specific needs of your company and answering it in a more effective way to help you to attain your objectives.
  • We identify your training project together.
  • We advise you to choose the method of teaching which you wish (masterly, directed exercises, labs or mixed).
  • We draw up a training programme.
  • We establish a planning answering your requirements.
  • The instructor conceives eventually and makes a pedagogic manual.
  • Then, the course is held either in your buildings or in our training center by a certified and experiment instructor.

The quantity of participants and the length of the course will determine the price.

All the courses designed by our partners which are planned at IDSA or on clients' site, can be given as private courses. They can also be divided into units and mixed.

Before any decision about your projects, consult our instructors who will certainly find the best solution for you.

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Our students say

TAG Aviation

"The courses are well balanced between theory and practice. The experience of the instructors makes it possible to have a professional view of the solution. The instructor gives practical advice based on experience for the implementation. The course environment is well-adapted to intensive learning."

Frederick Giroud
Systems Engineer, TAG Aviation, Meyrin
Participation in courses on Apache / Groupwise / Linux

"The training workshop was perfectly adapted to my needs and helped me save many hours by highlighting the critical points. I was able to directly apply the advice of the instructor during an important OS migration project."

François Zeller
IT Manager, Precitrame Machines SA, Tramelan
Participation in bespoke course on OES11 / Linux