New Year. No Fear. Five IT Resolutions for 2015

The year 2015 has already begun and there is plenty to do to improve your IT to better serve your business. Here is a short list of 5 ways you can protect your important business systems and support the growth of your business.

Secure your IT systems and limit your vulnerability to attack
Security is about protecting your important data and making sure that criminals and hackers do not get inside your network and cause havoc or financial loss. IDSA can regularly test and monitor your systems to be sure that you are not vulnerable to attacks and help you quickly remedy weaknesses in your IT defenses.

Don’t Sacrifice Mobility to Security
Remember that your business users still need secure mobile solutions for file access, email access, printing from mobile devices and even teleconferencing. Workers continue to adopt smartphones and tablets in the enterprise and IT needs to bring secure and convenient answers. IDSA can help you choose the best solutions to keep your data secure while giving your business the flexibility that it needs.

Improve Employee Satisfaction with more Professional IT Services
Help your business be more productive by implementing a full service Helpdesk and working with a team of IT specialists to fix problems and explain to your users how to use their IT business tools more effectively. With IDSA’s Helpdesk services you can outsource these tasks to a team that is always ready to help.

Stay Up to Date
As Microsoft ends support for Windows Server 2003, companies will face decisions on whether to simply migrate to Windows Server 2012 or to turn to cloud computing, virtualization or Linux. IDSA can help you identify areas where you can leverage cloud solutions and still maintain total control of your valuable data.

Ensure that data is secure against attack, system failure and local disasters and a plan is in place to recover from any scenario
Backups. Are you 100% confident in the way that your IT department or provider is handling them? Are you in the cloud? Do you have a business continuity solution? Or are you just hoping that nothing happens? In 2015 you’ll need to really take a look at your solution and determine if it’s really the most effective way to get your business back up and running in the event of a disaster. It’s not enough to just have a backup – particularly when every moment that goes by during a disaster, you’re losing business. You need a comprehensive strategy and a timeline that tells you exactly how quickly you’ll be up and running. If you don’t have a disaster recovery and continuity plan in place, 2015 is your year to get one going.

Resolutions are easy to make and harder to achieve. It’s not enough to just say that you’re going to improve your technology. It’s time for a new frame of mind. It’s time to explore productivity, efficiency, backup, security, mobility and how new and emerging technologies can help you reach your business goals. 2015 is your year. Let us help you get started on achieving your goals.

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