Take Back Control of your Active Directory

One of the main causes of internal security incidents is the poor visibility and management of access rights information.

Three major factors contribute to complicate management:

  • Access Rights: The rapid increase in the volume of data to protect and the diversity of data sources has expanded the scope of information to secure. Employees must not only have access to their own data folders, but also to folders from other departments, SharePoint data, Exchange mailboxes etc.
  • The dynamic nature of organizations: the increasing mobility of users and changes to their work environments complicates the structure and permissions required, so day to day management of permissions can be very time-consuming.
  • The complexity of using traditional tools to manage permissions in a Windows environment: the analytical functionality of these tools is quite limited and does not make it easy to audit and modify access rights.

How can we simplify management of AD permissions in a complex environment ?

Faced with these challenges, the goal of organizations should be to establish good procedures to manage permissions, which should help IT administrators:
  • Easily and quickly view rights access to all company resources: the objective here is to respond very quickly to questions such as "Who has access to this information?" or "To which information should this user have access?". For this, it is sometimes necessary to be able understand the relationship between users and groups in Active Directory, hence the need for clear and concise visualization of group relations in Active Directory.
  • Document this information on access: it is often necessary to transmit information on permissions auditors or directors of such department. The IT administrators must be able to document in clear and synthetic reports any Information about access rights.
  • Easily administer access rights: constantly changing organizations need to be able to create users, assign access remove permissions, and delete users very smoothly.
In a Lunch and Learn workshop on November 26, we will examine ways to simplify the management and reporting of Active Directory permissions. Sign up today or contact us for more information.

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