Good reasons to backup your company's data to a Swiss "Cloud"

Did you ever wonder: What if my office building burns or my servers are destroyed ? or What if my business’s data is lost or stolen? Can my business recover from a complete loss of my computer data?

A single incident can cost a lot in lost time and money and lost business
Sad but true. An IT disaster can happen to an enterprise of any size. Picture the scene: a water leak at your neighbor’s place and yours is flooded. Your IT servers and the electrical devices on your network are irretrievably damaged. Suddenly you have lost all the data that you stored on your file server and you didn’t backup to the Cloud. Or even worse, you mistakenly opened a suspicious email attachment and all your data has become unreadable because it is encrypted by ransomware.

Ask yourself,
  • Is it possible to continue my business without my data?
  • How can the company function without files containing important accounting records and customer information?
  • How long will it take to get back to normal ?
  • How can an incident like this impact my activity?
  • Will there be a decline in turnover or the impossibility to deliver promised services to customers?
These are just of few of the problems that data loss can cause to the healthy development of a company. A lot of small businesses don’t realize the importance of off-site backup until this kind of incident happens.

ID Integrated Data's Swiss Backup and Disaster Recovery solution
Happily, there are good solutions to help you avoid and minimize these risks. The managers of small and medium organizations need to anticipate these kinds of events before the well-being of their company is compromised.

That is why we believe it is important to have an offsite back-up in Switzerland in addition to one located on your company premises. The on-site backup provides quickest recovery. The offsite-Swiss backup gives you the ability to recover from a disaster in a reasonable period of time. A full copy of your server and its data is ready to restore on demand.  ID Integrated Data SA proposes solutions which insure the data of its customers is encrypted, accessible on demand, and remains in Switzerland. Your data is saved twice , one time at your office and one time in the Cloud in IDSA's datacenter. You can maintain full access control to the backup and IDSA cannot access the data without your express permission. 

Business owners and managers often worry that this kind of solution is expensive and cumbersome. ID Integrated Data SA proposes simple to use, tailored solutions that are adapted to small and medium businesses for an affordable price. 

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