Bye Bye Windows XP

XP is dead, or at least it should be booted out of your organisation ASAP.  Sure it still works and it has been a great workhourse since it was launched in 2001. XP may you Rest in Peace. But nothing in IT lasts forever and 13 years is practically an eon in computer time.

Finally, it is time to move on to Windows 7 or even better Windows 8.
(More on this to come ...)

There are no more security patches and in any case the hundreds of updates make XP run like a tired limping well-loved dog.

Microsoft is not to blame. The Windows maker has made several newer, much better versions of Windows since it launched the extraordinarily popular XP, but global economics and inertia combined to give XP a shelf-life far longer than any had realistically come to expect.

So here are the top 10 reasons to move to Windows 8 now.   

1. Everyone else is doing it.  Do you want to be the last one on the planet running Windows XP?
2. It is faster, better and more secure.
3. You can still keep legacy applications around (if you really have to) with application virtualization techniques.
4. Connectivity is so much easier when you are traveling.
5. You can install the new print driver yourself. Just plug-and-play.
6. It makes your PC more like your iPad/Galaxy tablet (well this is a good point for some people).
7. It will save you time and money. (just see how long and hard you have to work to make Windows XP work on a new PC and find all the drivers)
8. You can buy apps easily online.
9. You can keep your familiar desktop and icons. Why kill a good thing?
10. It still has windows. Lots of them. Tiles too!

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