Veeam Partner

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Veeam provides software for best of breed data protection. We believe today’s IT requirements have changed and that legacy backup problems—high costs, increased complexity and missing capabilities—are no longer acceptable for any organization. IDSA uses Veeam to provide powerful, easy-to-use backup and disaster recovery that is perfect for virtualized and cloud infrastructures—a perfect solution for the modern data center.

IDSA is a Gold Partner and collaborates with Veeam to:
  • Improve backup performance for over 50 clients in Western Switzerland.
  • Reduce the time to restore a file, a mailbox, or an entire server by over 90%.
  • Simplify recovery procedures and provide a full test environment for disaster recovery.

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Let one of our certified VMCE engineers help you design and implement a backup and disaster recovery strategy that is proven and reduces the time to restore a file or a server to a matter of minutes.

IDSA can show you how to simplify your current backup and recovery procedures and bring you the reassurance that your business can recover your data and your IT systems quickly and reliably when the unexpected happens.