8MAN Partner

IDSA is a Gold Partner for 8MAN. As organizations increasingly rely on Active Directory to secure access to their data and resources, it is vital to have tools for the analysis of AD permissions. You can't do anything about the dangers of excessive access if you can't easily see them. 8MAN analyzes the authorization situation in your company and shows who can access a given resource. From a single pane of glass, you can see the group memberships from Active Directory and the access rights to your file servers, SharePoint sites, Exchange and vSphere. With this knowledge, you are able to take appropriate action and protect your company from internal security incidents.

For over 25 years, IDSA has focused on providing professional analyis and health checks of small, medium and large IT environments for some of the top financial, manufacturing and non-profit organizations in Western Switzerland.

With certified expertise in implementing Active Directory security for organizations of all sizes, we deliver modern and verifiable auditing and evaluation tools to help you secure your data and resources and provide data owners with reports that are easy to understand.

Active Directory security doesn't have to be complicated, and 8MAN products help us deliver visibility and secure access.