Can Mac and Office 365 Live Happily Ever After Together ?

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Once upon a time, documents produced by an Office suite for PC were not usable by people using Mac OS systems. This was mostly the result of the fact that macros did not exist for the Mac and tabs could throw the entire page setup for a loop. Thanks to Office 365, documents are now compatible on both systems, on the Office 2016 suite installed locally as well as on-line.

Do Microsoft Office products perform well on Apple OS/IOS in 2017 ?

A client, who uses only Macs, decided to try Office 365 in his company. He needed shared calendars and wanted to have a better overview of the activity of his employees. He was able to install Office 2016 with Outlook on all his Mac PCs and iPhones and he rapidly experienced more productivity than before with his new Office 365 suite.

The client wanted his employees to be able to see the planning for the planned interventions at a glance with daily, weekly, and monthly views, from any workplace. He also installed a giant screen in the Salesroom showing a general overview of the planning for all to see.

The implementation of Office 365 made it possible to use the same Office suite from any device, regardless of the operating system. This provided more flexibility to change the IT infrastructure while still using the same licences. (A licence works equally well on a Mac or PC for example).

Office 365 in practice
Thanks to Office 365, the client can have the same "look and feel" for the Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) on all his devices (Mac, portable telephone, PC and tablet) without any problem and with only one licence per person.

Thanks to the possibility of saving documents to the cloud with OneDrive, the client has access to his documents anytime from anywhere, and the redondance is assured.  The organisation has become more efficient and more secure, and in the near future, the client has decided to no longer use an on-site server and rely uniquely on the "Cloud" to access and secure his data.

The Lessons Learned
It is possible to use the Microsoft Cloud to work from anywhere with any modern computer, which constitutes a major advantage for people who use Macs. The client can also share documents with other colleagues who prefer Windows PCs. Each person has the same presentation of the document

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