Wannacry ? Can we protect ourselves from Ransomware ?

Wannacry ? Can we protect ourselves from Ransomware ?
In the movie "Minority Report," the police use "predictive vision" to stop criminals before they act on their bad intentions. Effective IT security now requires the same approach. Today's sophisticated attacks systematically can get around point solution technologies such as firewalls and anti-virus/malware detection. It is essential that we adopt new measures that predictively neutralize these new threats.

Although we aren’t yet able to identify and apprehend cybercriminals by their evil intentions before they launch their attacks, we do have some tools that allow us to detect and prevent ransomware propagation before it exposes our organizations to important or even catastrophic losses in terms of time and money.

Some of these tools go a long way towards preventing previously unknown attacks....

Here we would like to mention two solutions that are particularly effective against zero-day attacks like "Wannacry". Zero-day attacks propogate with lightning speed across the internet because anti-virus solutions do not know about them yet and therefore cannot detect them.

Sophos Intercept X is a revolutionary technology which identifies and defends against malicious processes and suspicious behavior. Added to your existing anti-virus system, it:
• Stops ransomware before data is accessed
• Fills in security gaps by recognizing suspicious activity
• Removes malware such as embedded spyware
• Returns already encrypted files to their original condition
• Analyzes attacks and provides recommendations for the future
• Can be installed in addition to any endpoint security solution

Also, a new generation firewall like the Sophos XP appliance serves as a network defense against the latest advanced threats such as ransomware. Working in synergy with Intercept X, these solutions work together to identify suspicious activity such as the transmission of suspicious quantities of data from a specific workstation, and then automatically block and remedy the latest zero-day threats. The appliance includes advanced technologies that protect your network from botnets, hackers and advanced threats. You get advanced threat protection; IPS, Sandboxing, as well as email and web protection.

Why should we consider dual protection? Because one does not necessarily replace the other ... By analogy, having good brakes on a bicycle does not mean that you shouldn’t wear a helmet !

Of course, according to best practices and our extensive experience securing networks, there are many points to check to make your computer systems more secure and to prevent malicious attacks. We propose a free consultation to take a quick inventory of your security situation and recommend solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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