SkySoft-ATM uses IT services and support company IDSA to take off

SkySoft-ATM is a dynamic and entrepreneurial Swiss startup based in Geneva and providing Air Traffic Management solutions to air navigation services and airports around the world.

As a startup, the first few years the budgets were tight, but it was important to build a virtual IT infrastructure that provided good performance and could grow with the business. Consultants at IDSA designed a fully-functional yet low cost virtual infrastructure with fail over and disaster recovery for all of SkySoft-ATM’s critical business services including email.

IDSA consultants have focused on an IT infrastructure design that is cost-effective, reliable, secure and simple to manage.

According to Nicolas Dalleinne, IT Manager at SkySoft-ATM, "IDSA's pro-active advice and capability to deliver complex solutions with proven technologies is helping us to deliver the best performance to users and support our growth. Each project is delivered on time and within budget."

Now, several years later, IDSA continues to help SkySoft-ATM improve and expand their IT infrastructure in ways which support their growing business. SkySoft-ATM is taking off and winning major contracts on all continents.