CSM calls on IDSA in Geneva to help them communicate better

CSM is a marketing agency specialized in telemarketing, the leading call center in French-speaking Switzerland. The agency lends its experience and performance to the service of the most important local companies (vendors, insurance companies, cantons, state organizations, automobile manufacturers...)

CSM developed quickly in recent years leading to the need to adapt and stabilize the IT and communcation systems as well as to improve the quality of service to respond to the expectations of users. Contacted on this subject, IDSA updated and improved the IT infrastructure so that CSM could continue to offer efficient and innovative services.

IDSA proposed and implemented a fully redundant IT infrastructure that is agile and cost-effective, allowing CSM to improve productivity in their Call Center with zero downtime. In addition, the maintenance and support provided by the qualified system engineers at IDSA keep everything running smoothly.

As Olivier Moynat put it, "IDSA built an IT system which fully supports our activity and lets us concentrate on our core business. We know we can trust IDSA to solve issues if they come up and provide IT solutions and services that are adapted to our needs and our budget."