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5 Important Reasons you need to protect your Enterprise against data loss

data protection
Today, your enterprise or organization probably has a plan for protecting your data from hackers and outside intruders, but that isn’t enough anymore. Most organizations have confidential information that they would like to keep safe from prying eyes.

Organizations need to identify and protect this sensitive information and prevent its accidental disclosure. They may also need to prove compliance to auditors.

You may need a DLP “data loss prevention” solution and here are 5 important reasons why :

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Good reasons to backup your company's data to a Swiss "Cloud"

Did you ever wonder: What if my office building burns or my servers are destroyed ? or What if my business’s data is lost or stolen? Can my business recover from a complete loss of my computer data?

A single incident can cost a lot in lost time and money and lost business
Sad but true. An IT disaster can happen to an enterprise of any size. Picture the scene: a water leak at your neighbor’s place and yours is flooded. Your IT servers and the electrical devices on your network are irretrievably damaged. Suddenly you have lost all the data that you stored on your file server and you didn’t backup to the Cloud. Or even worse, you mistakenly opened a suspicious email attachment and all your data has become unreadable because it is encrypted by ransomware.

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Wannacry ? Can we protect ourselves from Ransomware ?

Wannacry ? Can we protect ourselves from Ransomware ?
In the movie "Minority Report," the police use "predictive vision" to stop criminals before they act on their bad intentions. Effective IT security now requires the same approach. Today's sophisticated attacks systematically can get around point solution technologies such as firewalls and anti-virus/malware detection. It is essential that we adopt new measures that predictively neutralize these new threats.

Although we aren’t yet able to identify and apprehend cybercriminals by their evil intentions before they launch their attacks, we do have some tools that allow us to detect and prevent ransomware propagation before it exposes our organizations to important or even catastrophic losses in terms of time and money.

Some of these tools go a long way towards preventing previously unknown attacks....

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"ID Integrated Data advised us throughout the complicated planning and negotiations entailed in the move of our office premises. The actual move took place without a hitch. The next day all systems were fully functional. We can highly recommend IDSA not only as a provider but as a trusted partner."

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We chose ID Integrated Data SA to implement our identity and access management system because of their specialist understanding of IAM best practices for medium size infrastructures like those at EVAM. We highly recommend IDSA as a trusted partner.
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IDSA's pro-active advice and capability to deliver complex solutions with proven technologies is helping us to deliver the best performance to users and support our growth.
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